About Dalkena

Dalkena is a non-denominational fundamental evangelical Village Missions Church located North of Newport, Washington. What that means is that we believe the Bible, all the Bible, and nothing but the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is our rule for life and conduct.

Here at Dalkena we preach and teach the Bible and encourage everyone to become involved both in small group studies and in personal study and devotions at home. Many of our ministries and activities are focused around this goal.

We hope that you will feel at home when you come to visit. It is sometimes a little scary to walk into a new group of people when you do not know What to Expect, but rest assured that you will be warmly welcomed into an informal family atmosphere and that your comfort is very important to us.

Village Missions

Keeping Country Churches Alive

Village Missions is a local church planting and support organization which is a support partner for rural community churches which may not otherwise be able to have a full time pastor for their small congregations. Dalkena supports Village Missions and helps in the sending of missionary pastors to other small congregations in rural America. Also, Dalkena receives leadership guidance as well as pastors supplied by Village Missions, although our church is self-supporting and does fully fund our own pastor.

For more helpful information about how Village Missions works here is a good page from Ministry Watch.

Pend Oreille Bible Camp

Brief history and operational description of camp and Dalkena's association with it here.

Pend Oreille Bible Camp Ministry Page


Pastor Steve and Elaine Powers

Pastor Steve and Elaine are really nice. Good looking too! You can visit Pastors Welcome Page for more information.