Building Ministry

Board of Deacons

Part of our building is new. Part of our building is old. Our building, parsonage, and surrounding grounds take a lot of work to keep running and presentable. Our Deacon Board is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the facilities, but they are kind of old too so they could sure use some help. There is an ever evolving and ongoing list of things which need built or fixed or upgraded and it takes many people a lot of hours each month to keep up. We need carpenters, landscapers, lawnmowers, electricians, painters, cleaners and a plethora of workers of every variety.

Some Background on Our New Building

Under construction:This page and the building. History of our new building journey here. Land swap which enabled us to add on. Gift of the trusses which fast-forwarded our design. Support of the congregation and community through work and financial giving. Blessings of God and the further ministry now available with this building as a resource.