Welcome Center - About Us

A Little About What We Believe and Teach . . .

Dalkena is a non-denominational fundamental evangelical Village Missions Church located North of Newport, Washington. Non-denominational means that we are not associated with any denomination and we are governed and controlled by our own elected board of elders.

We are associated with the Village Missions organization. Village Missions is a local church planting and support organization which is a support partner for rural community churches which may not otherwise be able to have a full time pastor for their small congregations. Although we are blessed to be able to support our own Pastor and programs it was not always that way and we are committed to continue helping Village Missions as they endeavor to continue supplying rural pastors for those congregations who cannot. In addition Village Missions provides oversite and guidance to our church through regional representatives who assist us and our Pastor in handling challenges that may occur regarding the health of our church and people.

We are dispensational in our theology and historical/grammatical (literal) in our interpretation of scripture. That basically means that we believe that God says what He means in the Bible, and means what He says. We would be glad to talk with you further about this if you would like to have some more information. You can also see our basic Doctinal Statement for a summary of our core beliefs.

Here at Dalkena we preach and teach the Bible and encourage everyone to become involved both in small group studies and in personal study and devotions at home. Many of our ministries and activities are focused around this goal.

A Little About Our Programs and Ministries

We are a fairly busy place for a rural congregation. There are a lot of Bible Studies and discipleship programs which are varied and ongoing most of the year. There are a lot of kids and kids programs here starting from the nursury and toddler programs all the way up through high-school and young adults.

There is a lot of music here. Music programs which involve the younger kids in singing and plays and skits. Praise and Worship Services led by our high-school and young adult worship teams for all to attend and enjoy. Christmas and Easter Cantata programs and choir for adults as well as many varied groups and special music performances and opportunities to share.

We are deeply committed to missions and missionaries throughout the world and are actively involved in many areas of world evangelism, especially through the prayer and financial support of missionaries from various missions organizations. Many of those we support grew up here in Dalkena Church or have other family ties here that link us to them at an additional level of committment. We are involved in short-term missions trips and support Bible School students and try to provide opportunities at every level for our people to become involved in the task of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ abroad, as well as here in the Newport-Cusick area.

Service Times . . .

Next is some information about our regular service times and how to find our church.