Welcome Center - Meet Pastor Steve

Steve and Elaine Powers - Village Missions Missionary Pastor

Pastor Steve and Elaine Powers have just arrived at Dalkena in December of 2015 as our new Village Missions missionary couple.

Steve and Elaine seem really nice and many in our congregation already know them quite well from our association with Pend Oreille Bible Camp and the Pinecroft organization which Steve has been actively involved with for many years.

The rest of us are excited and enjoying becoming aquainted and look forward to getting to know them much better in the months ahead.

You will probably see them around the community so give them a warm welcome, or better yet, come and meet them in person at Dalkena. If you would like a home visit just contact us and we will be glad to come and give you more information on our church or help you in any other way we can.

Greeting from Pastor Steve

Under Consturction. Article from Pastor goes here...It will probably be witty and amusing and full of thought provoking, compelling and motivational anecdotes and expositions that will inspire life changing and inter-relational impovements in your thoughts, attitudes and actions.

Any Questions ? . . .

Some final questions many visitors ask are answered.