Welcome Center - Questions

What to Expect When You Visit

What will I find inside?

When you visit us a Dalkena you can expect to find a friendly, loving and very family like atmosphere. That can sometimes translate as chaotic but do not be dismayed, it is what happens when a large number of people who love and care for one another come together in a group.

As a visitor we try to make you feel comfortable and welcome. We will not call undue attention to you and will let you wander around as much as you like to try to figure out what we are like. Most everyone is freindly so some people will soon introduce themselves but you are not required to remember names.

We have a large covered drive through at our front door so you can have your husband drop you off close and convenient if you would like before he goes and parks the car. Parking is easy at either end of the building.

You will enter into an open and spacious foyer area with closets to hang your jackets, and easy access to the rest of the building. Restrooms are clearly marked and two sets of large double doors lead straight ahead into the main sanctuary.

As in any large family gathering you can usually find coffee, punch and snacks of various kinds right there in the foyer or just down the wide corridor to the left in our fellowship hall. Come right in and you may find yourself becoming part of the family before you know it. We have a beautiful new building and would like to have you come and check us out!

How does the class and service schedule run?

Sunday School starts at 9:15 AM year round. Classes are held for all ages. Just come right in and some friendly looking person will probably greet you and give you information about where the classes are held for each age group. If not, just ask anyone you see where all the friendly looking greeters have gone.

After Sunday School from 10:15 to 10:45 is the fellowship and snack time in the fellowship hall. This is a completely informal time for visiting and snacking and is sort of like an open house with a lot of activity. A lot of people who did not make it for Sunday School or Early Worship show up at this time. Some people are busy getting ready for the Worship Service, some people are just eating snacks, and nearly everyone is visiting with someone.

From 10:45 to 12:00 (or 12:something) is the main morning worship service with hymns, worship choruses, announcements, and the sermon by our Pastor Steve Powers.

What about my kids?

Nursery is available for both the Sunday School hour and the Worship Service hour for those too young for other classes. Starting at about ages 3-4 there are Sunday School classes duiring the 9:15 to 10:15 hour with stories and teaching for each age group all the way up to high-school and also the adults. During the Worship Service 10:45 to 12:00 there are Jr. Church classes for kids also with stories, crafts and snacks. More information is available on our Youth Ministry Page.

We have a nice nursery.

We have a nice playground.

There are a lot of kids here. Pretty much every age group and there are a lot of special event programs going on all the time to get them involved and learning about the Lord. Special Christmas programs, Bible School, outings and events of various kinds, music, skits and all manner of activities. Your kids should be able to join in and have a healthy place to grow and participate.

How Should I Dress?

Any way you like (within reason)!

We are a very casual congregation. Most people dress casually, and some very casually. We let them in anyway. :)

Some people (me:) dress really nice too so if you like to dress up a bit you will certainly not feel out of place. We are sort of a melting pot of styles and appearance here but we like to think it adds to the interest and dynamic of our group.

What happens when it is over?

Following the service most people depart for home or lunch out with friends, although there is a lot of lingering and visiting going on at the church for a sometimes extended period of time. It is just a fun time to catch up with friends and neighbors about what is going on around the community. Most Sundays there are additional activities going on in the afternoon and various groups are planning of departing for those destinations as well.

If you know someone who attends Dalkena just ask them and they will tell you what it is like.

Come and join us! We are a very un-intimidating group and we would so very much like to get to know you.

This Concludes our Visitors Welcome Center

We hope you have found this information helpful. Please feel free to continue exploring our website using the menu categories across the top bar of each page. There is a lot of information here but if you have any other questions we would love to have you contact us. Thank-you for reading this far. We hope to see you soon.

Dalkena Community Church