Youth Groups

Youth ministry here is vibrant and varied. Groups and activities are ongoing for every age toddler through young adult.

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Besides the regular weekly meetings there are a lot of special events, especially in the Jr. High to High School age groups. There is Bible School, Christmas programs, Summer Camps, Concerts, games and activites, bus trips to various happenings, hay rides, hay mazes, mission trips, Bible quizzing training and competitions, skating, swimming, camping, eating etc. . . . . . . .

Early worship Sundays, and Wednesday night worship is led by our youth worship teams with more a more contemporary feel and sound.

Just being involved in one of our epic Christmas programs is an event a child will remember for years to come. We have some very dedicated and enthusiastic program directors who put many hours of time and effort into making each production into a reason to invite your family and hear the Christmas story presented in a unique new way each year.

1 John 2:14